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There are 173 publications.
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4/4/2017 COMP Cottrell, L Internet Performance and Reliability Measurements SLAC-PUB-9785
4/4/2017 COMP Kuzmanovic, A HSTCP-LP: A Protocol for Low-Priority Bulk Data Transfer in High-Speed High-RTT ... SLAC-PUB-10456
4/4/2017 COMP Lowekamp, B A Hierarchy of Network Performance Characteristics for Grid Applications and Ser... SLAC-PUB-10537
4/4/2017 COMP Grigoriev, M. Wide Area Network Monitoring System for HEP Experiments at Fermilab SLAC-PUB-10757
3/31/2017 Applied Program/Applied Program OTHER Chassin, David Demand Elasticity in Transactive Energy Systems SLAC-PUB-16899
3/31/2017 LCLS BIO/XFEL Aquila, Andrew Coherent Soft X-ray Diffraction Imaging of Coliphage PR772 at the Linac Coherent... SLAC-PUB-16952
3/27/2017 BaBar HEPEX BaBar, Collaboration Dalitz plot analyses of $J/?\to p^+ p^- p^0$, $J/?\to K^+ K^- p^0$, and $J/?\to ... SLAC-PUB-16920
3/22/2017 Computing/Computing OTHER Kreitz, P Librarians as Knowledge Builders: Strategic Partnering for Service and Advocacy SLAC-PUB-10274
3/20/2017 LCLS INST/OPTICS/XFEL Kozina, Michael Local terahertz field enhancement for time-resolved x-ray diffraction SLAC-PUB-16919
3/20/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Blinov, Nikita Particle Asymmetries from Quantum Statistics SLAC-PUB-16936
3/20/2017 SIMES MATSCI/XFEL Lee, Wei-Sheng Non-equilibrium Lattice-driven Dynamics of Stripes in Nickelates using Time-Reso... SLAC-PUB-16938
3/15/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Wu, Hao-Yi Rhapsody-G simulations: galaxy clusters as baryonic closed boxes and the covaria... SLAC-PUB-16702
3/14/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Shen, Jian-Ming A Novel All-Orders Single-Scale Approach to QCD Renormalization Scale-Setting SLAC-PUB-16917
3/14/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Wang, Sheng-Quan Top-quark pair hadroproduction and a precise determination of the top-quark pole... SLAC-PUB-16934
3/13/2017 ARD ACCPHY/INST Vecchione, Theodore A Direct Electron Detector for Time-resolved MeV Electron Microscopy SLAC-PUB-16932
3/13/2017 FACET ACCPHY/HEPEX Vafaei-Najafabadi, Navid Limitation on the accelerating gradient of a wakefield excited by an ultra-relat... SLAC-PUB-16933
3/8/2017 SIMES SYNCHRAD Shen, Z-X Origin of the low critical observing temperature of the quantum anomalous Hall e... SLAC-PUB-16816
3/8/2017 ARD/LCLS ACCPHY/XFEL Ding, Yuantao Beam shaping to improve the free-electron laser performance at the Linac Coheren... SLAC-PUB-16854
3/7/2017 LCLS OTHER Nuhn, H.-D. Proceedings of the X-Ray FEL Theory and Simulation Codes Worshop, Stanford, CA, ... SLAC-WP-017
3/6/2017 ACCSYS Rago, C. High Reliability Prototype Quadrupole for the Next Linear Collider SLAC-PUB-8990
3/6/2017 ARD/RFARED/RFARED ACCPHY/ACCSYS/ENG/... Adolphsen, C Conceptual Design for the New RPI 2020 Linac SLAC-PUB-16137
3/6/2017 ESTB ACCPHY/ASTRO/HEPEX... , SLAC T-510: A beam-line experiment for radio emission from particle cascades in ... SLAC-PUB-16342
3/6/2017 ESH/ESH OTHER Bauer, Johannes Ionizing Radiation from Terawatt Lasers at SLAC SLAC-PUB-16458
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPEX/HEPPH , Physics case for a polarized target for AFTER/LHC SLAC-PUB-16474
3/6/2017 LCLS-II/LCLS-II ACCPHY/ACCSYS/SAFE... Blaha, Jan Radiation Safety Aspects of the LCLS-II Accelerator at SLAC SLAC-PUB-16478
3/6/2017 LCLS-II/LCLS-II OTHER Xiao, Shanjie Radiation Safety Studies for LCLS-II Experiment Systems SLAC-PUB-16482
3/6/2017 SSRL ACCPHY Scheinker, Alex Minimization of betatron oscillations of beam injected into a time-varying latti... SLAC-PUB-16508
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO The, BICEP2 BICEP2/Keck Array IV: Optical Characterization and Performance of the BICEP2 and... SLAC-PUB-16729
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Baxter, E A Measurement of Gravitational Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background by Gal... SLAC-PUB-16730
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Keck, M.L. NuSTAR and Suzaku X-ray Spectroscopy of NGC 4151: Evidence for Reflection from t... SLAC-PUB-16731
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Simon, J.D. Stellar Kinematics and Metallicities in the Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy Reticulum I... SLAC-PUB-16733
3/6/2017 Particle Theory MATSCI Fitzpatrick, A. Liam Enhanced Pairing of Quantum Critical Metals Near d = 3 + 1 SLAC-PUB-16734
3/6/2017 Particle Theory PHYS Albert, J.B. Investigation of radioactivity-induced backgrounds in EXO-200 SLAC-PUB-16735
3/6/2017 SIMES MATSCI Wang, Jing Electrically Tunable Magnetism in Magnetic Topological Insulators SLAC-PUB-16736
3/6/2017 PULSE PHYS Kamalov, Andrei Dynamical Localization in Molecular Alignment of Kicked Quantum Rotors SLAC-PUB-16737
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Zhuravleva, I. Gas Density Fluctuations in the Perseus Cluster: Clumping Factor and Velocity Po... SLAC-PUB-16739
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Chan, James H. H. CHITAH: Strong-gravitational-lens hunter in imaging surveys SLAC-PUB-16740
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Keisler, R. Measurements of Sub-degree B-mode Polarization in the Cosmic Microwave Backgroun... SLAC-PUB-16741
3/6/2017 SIMES MATSCI Zhu, Zheng Charge modulation as fingerprints of phase-string triggered interference SLAC-PUB-16743
3/6/2017 KIPAC HEPTH Liu, Yen-Wei Ghosts in the self-accelerating DGP branch with Gauss-Bonnet effect SLAC-PUB-16754
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Chen, Pisin Did Gamma Ray Burst Induce Cambrian Explosion? SLAC-PUB-16755
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Gruen, D Cosmic variance of the galaxy cluster weak lensing signal SLAC-PUB-16756
3/6/2017 SIMES/SSRL MATSCI He, Junfeng Spectroscopic evidence for negative electronic compressibility in a quasi-three-... SLAC-PUB-16757
3/6/2017 SIMES MATSCI Fitzpatrick, A. Liam Aspects of Renormalization in Finite Density Field Theory SLAC-PUB-16758
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Melchior, P Mass and galaxy distributions of four massive galaxy clusters from Dark Energy S... SLAC-PUB-16759
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Kohler, Susanna Turbulent spectra of the brightest gamma-ray flares of blazars SLAC-PUB-16760
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Crites, A. T. Measurements of E-Mode Polarization and Temperature-E-Mode Correlation in the Co... SLAC-PUB-16761
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Hlavacek-Larrondo, J X-ray cavities in a sample of 83 SPT-selected clusters of galaxies: Tracing the ... SLAC-PUB-16762
3/6/2017 ARD ACCPHY Billinghurst, B. E. Observation of Wakefields and Resonances in Coherent Synchrotron Radiation SLAC-PUB-16763
3/6/2017 PAC Cryo Dark Matter Search/PAC Cryo Dark Matter Search ASTRO/HEPPH/HEPEX Schneck, K Dark matter effective field theory scattering in direct detection experiments SLAC-PUB-16764
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Papadopoulos, A. DES13S2cmm: The First Superluminous Supernova from the Dark Energy Survey SLAC-PUB-16765
3/6/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Old, L. Galaxy Cluster Mass Reconstruction Project: II. Quantifying scatter and bias usi... SLAC-PUB-16766
3/6/2017 LCLS INST Blaj, Gabriel X-ray Imaging with ePix100a, a High-Speed, High-Resolution, Low-Noise Camera SLAC-PUB-16777
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Sufian, Raza Sabbir Analysis of Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors from Light-Front Holographic QC... SLAC-PUB-16806
3/6/2017 HEDS INST/MATSCI/XFEL Fletcher, Luke High resolution x-ray Thomson scattering measurements from cryogenic hydrogen je... SLAC-PUB-16807
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Brodsky, Stanley J QCD Compositeness as Revealed in Exclusive Vector Boson Reactions through Double... SLAC-PUB-16809
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH/HEPTH Dixon, Lance Bootstrapping a Five-Loop Amplitude from Steinmann Relations SLAC-PUB-16811
3/6/2017 LCLS ACCPHY/ACCSYS/INST... Fisher, Alan Evaluating Beam-Loss Detectors for LCLS-2 SLAC-PUB-16812
3/6/2017 FACET ACCPHY Gessner, Spencer Demonstration of a positron beam-driven hollow channel plasma wakefield accelera... SLAC-PUB-16815
3/6/2017 FACET ACCPHY Corde, Sebastien High-field plasma acceleration in a high-ionization-potential gas SLAC-PUB-16819
3/6/2017 FACET ACCPHY Clayton, Chris Self-mapping the longitudinal field structure of a nonlinear plasma accelerator ... SLAC-PUB-16820
3/6/2017 ARD/NLCTA ACCPHY/OPTICS Wootton, Kent Recent demonstration of record high gradients in dielectric laser accelerating s... SLAC-PUB-16823
3/6/2017 COMP/COMP COMP Fang, Chin High Performance Data Transfer for Distributed Data Intensive Sciences SLAC-TN-16-001
3/6/2017 LCLS XFEL Lutman, Alberto Demonstration of Single-Crystal Self-Seeded Two-Color X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers SLAC-PUB-16826
3/6/2017 LCLS/PULSE/SIMES ACCPHY/XFEL Lutman, Alberto Polarization control in an X-ray free-electron laser SLAC-PUB-16827
3/6/2017 SIMES MATSCI Devereaux, Thomas Directly characterizing the relative strength and momentum dependence of electro... SLAC-PUB-16829
3/6/2017 LCLS/PULSE CHEM/PHYS/XFEL Glownia, James Self-referenced coherent diffraction x-ray movie of Angstrom- and femtosecond-sc... SLAC-PUB-16830
3/6/2017 SSRL ACCPHY/ACCSYS Huang, Xiaobiao Development and Application of Online Optimization Algorithms SLAC-PUB-16831
3/6/2017 LCLS BIO/INST/XFEL Hunter, Mark Selenium single-wavelength anomalous diffraction de novo phasing using an X-ray ... SLAC-PUB-16833
3/6/2017 ARD/LCLS ACCPHY/XFEL Guetg, Marc Commissioning of the RadiaBeam / SLAC Dechirper SLAC-PUB-16834
3/6/2017 ARD/LCLS ACCPHY/XFEL Guetg, Marc Collimation System Design for LCLS-II SLAC-PUB-16836
3/6/2017 ARD ACCPHY/EARTH/MATSC... , XFELO Scientific Opportunities Retreat SLAC-PUB-16837
3/6/2017 KIPAC/Particle Theory ASTRO/GRQC Schmittfull, Marcel Fast large scale structure perturbation theory using one-dimensional fast Fourie... SLAC-PUB-16839
3/6/2017 SIMES MATSCI Noad, Hilary Variation in Superconducting Transition Temperature due to Tetragonal Domains in... SLAC-PUB-16840
3/6/2017 ESTB/LCLS ACCPHY/ACCSYS/ENG/... Sheppard, John Diagnoses and Controls of Single e- Pulse Extraction at LCLS-I for the ESTB Prog... SLAC-PUB-16841
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPEX Lansberg, Jean-Philippe Single-Transverse-Spin-Asymmetry studies with a fixed-target experiment using th... SLAC-PUB-16843
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Brodsky, Stanley J The Physics of Heavy Quark Distributions in Hadrons: Collider Tests SLAC-PUB-16844
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Shen, Jian-Ming The Generalized Scheme-Independent Crewther Relation in QCD SLAC-PUB-16845
3/6/2017 LCLS-II Project/LCLS-II Project ENG Pflueckhahn, Dirk Shaft Seal Systems of Rotary Equipment in Cryogenic Plants SLAC-PUB-16847
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Chang, Qin Light-front holographic distribution amplitudes of pseudoscalar mesons and their... SLAC-PUB-16849
3/6/2017 SIMES CHEM/MATSCI/SYNCHR... Yan, Hao Hybrid metal-organic chalcogenide nanowires with electrically conductive inorgan... SLAC-PUB-16852
3/6/2017 RFAR/RFAR ACCPHY Othman, Mohamed Solid-State Powered X-band Accelerator SLAC-R-1075
3/6/2017 BaBar HEPEX BaBar, Collaboration Measurement of the Inclusive electron spectra from B meson decays and determinat... SLAC-PUB-16855
3/6/2017 ARD/ILC ACCPHY Chao, Alex Summary Beam-Beam Session, eeFACT2016 Workshop SLAC-PUB-16857
3/6/2017 KIPAC HEPEX Mantz, Adam Cosmology and Astrophysics from Relaxed Galaxy Clusters V: Consistency with Cold... SLAC-PUB-16859
3/6/2017 ARD/PULSE ACCPHY Yang, Jie Diffractive Imaging of Coherent Nuclear Motion in Isolated Molecules SLAC-PUB-16860
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPTH Benjamin, Nathan Elliptic Genera and 3d Gravity SLAC-PUB-16861
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPTH Benjamin, Nathan On the elliptic genera of manifolds of Spin(7) holonomy SLAC-PUB-16862
3/6/2017 KIPAC Baxter, Eric Joint Measurement of Lensing-Galaxy Correlations Using SPT and DES SV Data SLAC-PUB-16863
3/6/2017 FACET ACCPHY O'Shea, Brendan Observation of acceleration and deceleration in frontier gradient dielectric wak... SLAC-PUB-16864
3/6/2017 FGST/KIPAC ASTRO Madejski, Grzegorz First NuSTAR observations of the BL Lac - type blazar PKS 2155-304: constraints ... SLAC-PUB-16865
3/6/2017 FGST/KIPAC ASTRO Itoh, Ryosuke Systematic Study of Gamma-ray bright Blazars with Optical Polarization and Gamma... SLAC-PUB-16866
3/6/2017 FGST/KIPAC ASTRO Sbarrato, Tullia Extremes of the jet-accretion power relation of blazars, as explored by NuSTAR SLAC-PUB-16867
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPTH Brodsky, Stanley Novel Features of Nuclear Chromodynamics SLAC-PUB-16868
3/6/2017 LCLS/SIMES/SSRL MATSCI/SYNCHRAD/XF... Jang, Hoyoung Ideal charge density wave order in the high-field state of superconducting YBCO SLAC-PUB-16871
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPTH/MATH Dixon, Lance Multi-Loop Positivity of the Planar N = 4 SYM Six-Point Amplitude SLAC-PUB-16873
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Brodsky, Stanley Supersymmetric Meson-Baryon Properties of QCD from Light-Front Holography and Su... SLAC-PUB-16874
3/6/2017 ARD ACCPHY Cai, Yunhai Analytical Approach to Chromatic Correction in the Final Focus System of Circula... SLAC-PUB-16877
3/6/2017 FACET ACCPHY Bane, Karl Longitudinal Stability Study for the FACET-II e+ Damping Ring SLAC-PUB-16879
3/6/2017 BaBar HEPEX Gradl, Wolfgang New ISR Cross Section Results on KS KL pi0 and KS KL pi0 pi0 From BABAR SLAC-PUB-16880
3/6/2017 ARD ACCPHY Bane, Karl Wakefields of a Beam near a Single Plate in a Flat Dechirper SLAC-PUB-16881
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH/HEPTH Dosch, Hans Guenter Supersymmetry Across the Light and Heavy-Light Hadronic Spectrum II SLAC-PUB-16882
3/6/2017 FACET/TID/TID ACCPHY Dal Forno, Massimo rf breakdown measurements in electron beam driven 200 GHz copper and copper-silv... SLAC-PUB-16884
3/6/2017 ARD ACCPHY/OPTICS Wootton, Kent Recent Demonstration of Record High Gradients in Dielectric Laser Accelerating S... SLAC-PUB-16886
3/6/2017 LCLS ENG/INST/XFEL Markovic, Bojan Design and Characterization of the tPix prototype: a spatial and time resolving ... SLAC-PUB-16891
3/6/2017 CDMS/EXO/LCLS/TID/TID INST Tomada, Astrid Wrapped-Around Conductive Traces SLAC-PUB-16893
3/6/2017 Particle Theory HEPTH Dixon, Lance Heptagons from the Steinmann Cluster Bootstrap SLAC-PUB-16894
3/6/2017 LCLS ACCPHY/ACCSYS/XFEL Dowell, David Sources of Emittance in RF Photocathode Injectors SLAC-PUB-16895
3/6/2017 LCLS ACCPHY/ACCSYS/XFEL Dowell, David Cancellation of RF Coupler-Induced Emittance Due to Astigmatism SLAC-PUB-16896
3/6/2017 ARD ACCPHY Dal Forno, Massimo Design of a high power TM01 mode launcher optimized for manufacturing by milling SLAC-PUB-16902
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER Sands, Matt Single Pass Collider Memo: Mean Life of Klystrons SLAC-TN-16-002
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER Weng, W T Single Pass Collider Memo: Gradient Perturbations of the SLC arc SLAC-TN-16-003
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER Sands, M Single Pass Collider Memo: Centrifugal Space Charge Forces In Slc SLAC-TN-16-004
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER Sands, M Single Pass Collider Memo: Matching of Beam Energy to Arcs SLAC-TN-16-005
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER Sands, M Single Pass Collider Memo: Perturbations to the Horizontal Off-Energy Functions... SLAC-TN-16-006
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU ACCPHY Weng, W Single Pass Collider Memo: Dispersive Effects of Orbit errors in the SLC Arcs SLAC-TN-16-007
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER Sands, Matt Single Pass Collider Memo: Proposal for Monitoring the Off-Energy Function in th... SLAC-TN-16-008
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER , Single Pass Collider Memo: Betatron Oscillations and Rolled Achromats SLAC-TN-16-009
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER Sands, Matt Single Pass Collider Memo: Betatron Oscillations from a Magnet Mover SLAC-TN-16-010
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER Sands, Matt Energy Loss to Parasitic Modes of the Accelerating Cavities SLAC-TN-16-011
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER Sands, Matt Parasitic Cavities Losses in SPEAR-2 SLAC-TN-16-012
3/6/2017 SUU/SUU OTHER Sands, M A Bench Measurement of the Energy Loss of a Stored Beam to a Cavity SLAC-TN-16-013
3/6/2017 PULSE PHYS McFarland, B Ultrafast X-ray Auger Probing of photoexcited molecular dynamics SLAC-PUB-16907
3/6/2017 SSRL EARTH/ENV Bone, Sharon Uranium(IV) adsorption by natural organic matter in anoxic sediments SLAC-PUB-16909
3/6/2017 SIMES CHEM/ENV/MATSCI Liu, Chong Rapid water disinfection using vertically aligned MoS2 nanofilms and visible lig... SLAC-PUB-16911
3/6/2017 LCLS BIO/XFEL Aquila, Andrew Coherent diffraction of single Rice Dwarf Virus particles using hard X-rays at t... SLAC-PUB-16912
3/6/2017 HEP Accel. Stewardship/HEP Accel. Stewardship ACCSYS/ENG/INST Kemp, Mark A Pulsed Depressed Collector for a 5 MW S-Band Klystron SLAC-PUB-16939
3/1/2017 HEPEX Miller, Guthrie Inelastic Electron Scattering at Large Angles SLAC-R-129
3/1/2017 ATLAS/LBL/LBL HEPEX Siegrist, J Hadron Production by e+ e- Annihilation at Center-of-Mass Energies Between 2.6 G... SLAC-R-225
3/1/2017 SSRL CHEM Laderman, S Proceedings of the Workshop on Applications of Synchrotron Radiation to Trace Im... SLAC-R-415
3/1/2017 ARD ACCSYS Podobedov, B Saw-Tooth Instability Studies at the Stanford Linear Collider Damping Rings SLAC-R-543
3/1/2017 Particle Theory HEPTH Perl, J HepRep: A Generic Interface Definition for HEP Event Display Representables SLAC-PUB-8332
3/1/2017 ASTRO Lee, A Intrinsic and Cosmological Signatures in Gamma-Ray Burst Time Profiles: Time Dil... SLAC-PUB-8365
3/1/2017 FGST INST Hicks, M Design of a Carbon Fiber Composite Grid Structure for the GLAST Spacecraft Using... SLAC-R-575
3/1/2017 Particle Theory HEPTH/HEPEX Brodsky, S. Physics at the Light-Front SLAC-PUB-9074
2/23/2017 KIPAC/Particle Theory HEPTH Green, Daniel Anomalous Dimensions and Non-Gaussianity SLAC-PUB-15334
2/23/2017 PAC Dark Energy Survey/PAC Dark Energy Survey ASTRO Alam, Shadab The Eleventh and Twelfth Data Releases of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Final Da... SLAC-PUB-16745
2/23/2017 KIPAC ASTRO DES, Collaboration Eight New Milky Way Companions Discovered in First-Year Dark Energy Survey Data SLAC-PUB-16746
2/23/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Schneider, Michael D. Hierarchical probabilistic inference of cosmic shear SLAC-PUB-16747
2/23/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Mandelbaum, Rachel GREAT3 results I: systematic errors in shear estimation and the impact of real g... SLAC-PUB-16749
2/23/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Dimopoulos, Savas Auto-Concealment of Supersymmetry in Extra Dimensions SLAC-PUB-16750
2/23/2017 PAC Theory/PAC Theory ASTRO Soumagnac, M.T. Star/galaxy separation at faint magnitudes: Application to a simulated Dark Ener... SLAC-PUB-16752
2/23/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH/HEPTH de Teramond, Guy F Superconformal Algebraic Approach to Hadron Structure SLAC-PUB-16869
2/23/2017 ARD ACCPHY/OPTICS Wootton, Kent Dielectric Laser Acceleration and Focusing Using Short-Pulse Lasers with an Arbi... SLAC-PUB-16887
2/23/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Mao, Yao-Yuan The Concentration Dependence of the Galaxyhalo Connection: Modeling Assembly Bia... SLAC-PUB-16908
2/23/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Brodsky, Stanley New Insights into Color Confinement, Hadron Dynamics, Spectroscopy, and Jet Hadr... SLAC-PUB-16913
2/23/2017 ARD ACCPHY Bane, Karl Estimate of Joule Heating in a Flat Dechirper SLAC-PUB-16922
2/23/2017 Particle Theory HEPTH/HEPPH Lowdon, Peter The non-perturbative structure of the photon and gluon propagators SLAC-PUB-16924
2/23/2017 ESH Laser Safety/ESH Laser Safety SAFETY Woods, Michael Splitting the SOP into General and Lab-Specific Documents SLAC-PUB-16925
2/23/2017 ESH Laser Safety/ESH Laser Safety SAFETY Woods, Michael NFPA 70E Article 330 Revision - (Electrical) Safety-Related Work Practices for U... SLAC-PUB-16926
2/23/2017 LCLS BIO/INST/XFEL Yoon, Chun Hong Se-SAD serial femtosecond crystallography datasets from selenobiotinyl-streptavi... SLAC-PUB-16927
2/23/2017 ARD ACCPHY Zhang, Zhen Generation of High-Power, Tunable Terahertz Radiation from Laser Interaction wit... SLAC-PUB-16930
2/23/2017 ARD ACCPHY/XFEL Zhang, Zhen Optical Circular Deflector with Attosecond Resolution for Ultrashort Electron SLAC-PUB-16931
2/17/2017 SIMES MATSCI Stohr, Joachim Creation of X-Ray Transparency of Matter by Stimulated Elastic Forward Scatterin... SLAC-PUB-16704
2/3/2017 ARD ACCPHY , Spin-Manipulating Polarized Deuterons SLAC-PUB-16688
2/1/2017 SULI/SULI OTHER Propp, Adrienne Ion Acceleration by Laser Plasma Interaction from Cryogenic Microjets SLAC-TN-15-078
1/30/2017 BaBar HEPEX Long, O.R. Initial Performance of the BaBar Experiment SLAC-PUB-11124
1/28/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Cataneo, Matteo New constraints on f(R) gravity from clusters of galaxies SLAC-PUB-16723
1/28/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Reynolds, Christopher S NuSTAR observations of the powerful radio-galaxy Cygnus A SLAC-PUB-16724
1/28/2017 KIPAC ASTRO Blazek, Jonathan Tidal alignment of galaxies SLAC-PUB-16725
1/28/2017 SUNCAT MATSCI Matera, S. Evidence for the Active Phase of Heterogeneous Catalysts through In Situ Reactio... SLAC-PUB-16726
1/28/2017 SIMES MATSCI Hlobil, Patrik Elastoconductivity as a probe of broken mirror symmetries SLAC-PUB-16727
1/28/2017 SIMES MATSCI Plonka, N. Fidelity Study of Superconductivity in Extended Hubbard Models SLAC-PUB-16742
1/28/2017 SIMES/SSRL MATSCI Ambolode, L.C.C., II Se content x dependence of electron correlation strength in Fe_{1 y}Te_{1-x}Se_{... SLAC-PUB-16744
1/28/2017 SIMES MATSCI Tsui, Lokman Quantum Phase Transitions Between a Class of Symmetry Protected Topological Stat... SLAC-PUB-16748
1/25/2017 ARD ACCPHY/XFEL Huang, Zhirong Compact Laser-Plasma-Accelerator-Driven Free-Electron Laser using a Transverse G... SLAC-PUB-16100
There are 173 publications.