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There are 63 publications.
Date Posted  Program  Category  Author  Document Title  Doc Number 
2/5/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH/HEPTH Lowdon, Peter Schwinger-Dyson equation constraints on the gluon propagator SLAC-PUB-17219
2/5/2018 ARD ACCPHY Stupakov, Gennady Derivation of the cooling rate for Microbunched Electron Cooling (MBEC) SLAC-PUB-17208
2/5/2018 ARD ACCPHY Nosochkov, Yuri HE-LHC Optics Development SLAC-PUB-17224
2/5/2018 ARD/Particle Theory ACCPHY Raubenheimer, Tor DASEL: Dark Sector Experiments at LCLS-II SLAC-PUB-17225
2/5/2018 ARD/LARP ACCPHY/COMP Giovannozzi, Massimo LHC@Home: a BOINC-based volunteer computing infrastructure for physics studies a... SLAC-PUB-17226
2/2/2018 PULSE/SIMES CHEM/MATSCI/OPTICS Guzelturk, Burak Terahertz Emission from Hybrid Perovskites Driven by Ultrafast Charge Separation... SLAC-PUB-17223
2/1/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH , Supersymmetric Properties of Hadron Physics from Light-Front Holography and Supe... SLAC-PUB-17202
2/1/2018 FACET ACCPHY/INST/XFEL Hogan, Mark 2017 FACET-II Science Workshop Summary Report SLAC-R-1087
1/31/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH Anikin, I.V. Nucleon and Nuclear Structure Through Dilepton Production SLAC-PUB-17136
1/31/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH Brodsky, Stanley J. Resolving the SELEX - LHCb Double-Charm Baryon Conflict: The Impact of Intrinsic... SLAC-PUB-17156
1/31/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH Brodsky, Stanley J QCD Constituent Counting Rules for Neutral Vector Mesons SLAC-PUB-17184
1/31/2018 Particle Theory HEPEX Anikin, I.V. Nucleon and nuclear structure through dilepton production SLAC-PUB-17185
1/31/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH Bednyakov, V. A. Constraints on the intrinsic charm content of the proton from recent ATLAS data SLAC-PUB-17198
1/31/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH/HEPTH de Teramond, Guy F Universality of Generalized Parton Distributions in Light-Front Holographic QCD SLAC-PUB-17217
1/30/2018 SIMES MATSCI Huang, Edwin Numerical evidence of fluctuating stripes in the normal state of high-Tc cuprate... SLAC-PUB-17221
1/25/2018 Particle Theory HEPTH Dixon, Lance The Principle of Maximal Transcendentality and the Four-Loop Collinear Anomalous... SLAC-PUB-17191
1/25/2018 FACET OPTICS O'Shea, Brendan Diffraction and Detector Considerations for High Resolution Imaging SLAC-TN-18-001
1/25/2018 ARD/LCLS ACCPHY Bane, Karl Wake Measurements of a Dechirper Jaw with Non-Zero Tilt Angle SLAC-PUB-17209
1/25/2018 LCLS BIO Peck, Ariana Intermolecular correlations are necessary to explain diffuse scattering from pro... SLAC-PUB-17212
1/25/2018 ARD ACCPHY/SYNCHRAD Wootton, Kent Physics of Incoherent Synchrotron Radiation SLAC-PUB-17214
1/25/2018 ARD ACCPHY/SYNCHRAD Wootton, Kent Storage Ring Light Sources SLAC-PUB-17215
1/25/2018 ARD ACCPHY/SYNCHRAD/XF... Wootton, Kent X-Ray Free Electron Lasers SLAC-PUB-17216
1/25/2018 LCLS ACCPHY/XFEL Dowell, David Exact Cancellation of Emittance Growth Due to Coupled Transverse Dynamics in Sol... SLAC-PUB-17218
1/18/2018 BaBar HEPEX Huard, Zachary Precision measurements of charm hadron properties at Babar SLAC-PUB-17082
1/18/2018 Applied Energy/Applied Energy OTHER Tang, Yingying Generation of Composite Load Protection Profiles for Reliable System Operation SLAC-PUB-17196
1/18/2018 Computer Networking/Computer Networking COMP Ali, Saqib Internet Performance Analysis of South Asian Countries using End-to-end Internet... SLAC-PUB-17205
1/18/2018 ARD/LCLS ACCPHY Huang, Zhirong Intense THz source based on laser modulator and bunch compressor with electron b... SLAC-PUB-17211
1/18/2018 NLCTA ACCPHY/HEPTH/MATH/... Spencer, James Geometric Representation of Fundamental Particles' Masses SLAC-PUB-17213
12/21/2017 Applied Program/Applied Program OTHER Chassin, David H2-Optimal Transactive Control of Electric Power Regulation from Fast-Acting Dem... SLAC-PUB-16898
12/21/2017 Applied Program/Applied Program OTHER Chassin, David Optimal Subhourly Electricity Resource Dispatch Under Multiple Price Signals Wit... SLAC-PUB-17103
12/19/2017 LCLS-II/LCLS-II OTHER Mayes, Christopher TBD - LCLS-II Report SLAC-R-1085
12/14/2017 SSRL ACCPHY/ACCSYS/MATH... Li, Chunlei Characterization of Field Polarization and Spatial Coherence in a Diffraction-Li... SLAC-R-1083
12/14/2017 ARD ACCPHY/XFEL Stupakov, Gennady Generation of a wakefield undulator in plasma with transverse density gradient SLAC-PUB-17183
12/14/2017 LARP ACCPHY/COMP Kononenko, Oleksiy Electromagnetic-Mechanical Analysis of the Radio Frequency Dipole Crab Cavity fo... SLAC-PUB-17187
12/14/2017 LCLS-II/LCLS-II ACCPHY/PHYS Pflueckhahn, Dirk Heliumkryosystem fuer den Roentgenlaser LCLS-II SLAC-PUB-17188
12/12/2017 SIMES CHEM/MATSCI/SYNCHR... Yan, Hao Sterically-controlled mechanochemistry under hydrostatic pressure SLAC-PUB-17189
12/12/2017 SIMES COMP/MATSCI/OPTICS Yang, Shuolong Revealing the Coulomb interaction strength in a cuprate superconductor SLAC-PUB-17192
11/28/2017 LCLS ACCSYS Lanza, Giulia Numerical Tools for LCLS-II Vacuum Systems SLAC-PUB-17166
11/28/2017 ARD/LCLS/NLCTA ACCPHY/SYNCHRAD/XF... Garcia, Bryant High Brightness Electron Beams for Fourth Generation Light Sources SLAC-R-1082
11/28/2017 ASTA/LCLS/SIMES MATSCI Reid, Alexander Beyond a phenomenological description of magnetostriction SLAC-PUB-17179
11/28/2017 ARD ACCPHY/MATSCI/OPTI... Cesar, David Optical design for increased interaction length in a high gradient dielectric la... SLAC-PUB-17180
11/28/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH/HEPTH Lowdon, Peter The non-perturbative structure of the quark and ghost propagators in QCD SLAC-PUB-17181
11/21/2017 Berkeley Lab/Berkeley Lab XFEL Xiao, Shanjie Radiological Protection Studies for NGLS XTOD SLAC-TN-17-003
11/21/2017 KIPAC/LSST ASTRO/GRQC/INST Baumer, Michael Is Flat Fielding Safe for Precision CCD Astronomy? SLAC-PUB-17051
11/21/2017 ATLAS HEPEX ATLAS, Collaboration Measurement of dijet production with a veto on additional central jet activity i... SLAC-PUB-17053
11/21/2017 ATLAS HEPEX ATLAS, Collaboration Measurement of the isolated diphoton cross-section in pp collisions at sqrt(s) =... SLAC-PUB-17054
11/21/2017 ATLAS HEPEX ATLAS, Collaboration Search for Diphoton Events with Large Missing Transverse Energy with 36 pb^-1 of... SLAC-PUB-17055
11/21/2017 ATLAS HEPEX ATLAS, Collaboration Search for new phenomena with the monojet and missing transverse momentum signat... SLAC-PUB-17056
11/21/2017 ATLAS HEPEX ATLAS, Collaboration Measurement of Wgamma and Zgamma production in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(... SLAC-PUB-17058
11/21/2017 PULSE/SIMES ACCPHY/ENG/MATSCI Wu, Xiaoxi Light-induced picosecond rotational disordering of the inorganic sublattice in h... SLAC-PUB-17090
11/21/2017 KIPAC HEPPH Assassi, Valentin Symmetries and Loops in Inflation SLAC-PUB-17094
11/21/2017 ARD/ILC/LCLS ACCPHY/ACCSYS/ENG/... Krasnykh, Anatoly Design and R&D on TEM-based Kicker Systems at SLAC SLAC-PUB-17099
11/21/2017 ARD/LCLS ENG/OTHER Kowalczyk, Richard Test of a BAC Klystron SLAC-PUB-17101
11/21/2017 ARD/LCLS ENG/OTHER Kowalczyk, Richard Test of a BAC Klystron SLAC-PUB-17102
11/21/2017 FACET/TID RFAR/TID RFAR ACCPHY Dal Forno, Massimo High gradient tests of metallic mm-wave accelerating structures SLAC-PUB-17104
11/21/2017 ARD/BaBar HEPPH/HEPTH Sullivan, Michael Magnetic Charge Search for the BELLE II Detector SLAC-PUB-17105
11/21/2017 Particle Theory HEPPH Brodsky, Stanley Ridge Production in High-Multiplicity Hadronic Ultra-Peripheral Proton-Proton ... SLAC-PUB-17106
11/21/2017 ARD/LCLS/NLCTA ACCPHY/XFEL Hemsing, Erik Sensitivity of Echo Enabled Harmonic Generation to Sinusoidal Electron Beam Ener... SLAC-PUB-17107
11/21/2017 LCLS ACCSYS Doolittle, Larry High Precision RF Control For SRF Cavities In LCLS-II SLAC-PUB-17108
11/21/2017 SIMES MATSCI Claassen, Martin Dynamical Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking and Photo-Induced Chiral Spin Liquids ... SLAC-PUB-17109
11/20/2017 ARD ACCPHY Bane, Karl The Impedance of Flat Metallic Plates with Small Corrugations SLAC-PUB-17177
There are 63 publications.