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    • ACCPHY:  Accelerator physics
    • ACCSYS:  Accelerators (control systems)
    • ASTRO:  Astrophysics
    • BIO:  Bio-life sciences
    • CHEM:  Chemistry
    • COMP:  Computing
    • EARTH:  Earth sciences
    • ENG:  Engineering
    • ENV:  Environmental sciences
    • GRQC:  Gravitation and cosmology
    • HEPEX:  HEP experimental results
    • HEPPH:  HEP phenomenology
    • HEPTH:  HEP theory
    • INST:  Instrumentation/development
    • MATH:  Math and math physics
    • MATSCI:  Materials sciences
    • MEDAPPS:  Medical applications
    • OPTICS:  Optics
    • PHYS:  General physics, other physics
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    • SYNCHRAD:  Synchrotron radiation
    • XFEL:  X-ray free electron laser
    • OTHER:  Other
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There are 7 publications.
Date Posted  Program  Category  Author  Document Title  Doc Number 
12/14/2017 SSRL ACCPHY/ACCSYS/MATH... Li, Chunlei Characterization of Field Polarization and Spatial Coherence in a Diffraction-Li... SLAC-R-1083
12/14/2017 ARD ACCPHY/XFEL Stupakov, Gennady Generation of a wakefield undulator in plasma with transverse density gradient SLAC-PUB-17183
12/14/2017 LARP ACCPHY/COMP Kononenko, Oleksiy Electromagnetic-Mechanical Analysis of the Radio Frequency Dipole Crab Cavity fo... SLAC-PUB-17187
12/14/2017 LCLS-II/LCLS-II ACCPHY/PHYS Pflueckhahn, Dirk Heliumkryosystem fuer den Roentgenlaser LCLS-II SLAC-PUB-17188
12/19/2017 LCLS-II/LCLS-II OTHER Mayes, Christopher TBD - LCLS-II Report SLAC-R-1085
12/21/2017 Applied Program/Applied Program OTHER Chassin, David H2-Optimal Transactive Control of Electric Power Regulation from Fast-Acting Dem... SLAC-PUB-16898
12/21/2017 Applied Program/Applied Program OTHER Chassin, David Optimal Subhourly Electricity Resource Dispatch Under Multiple Price Signals Wit... SLAC-PUB-17103
There are 7 publications.