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There are 16 publications.
Date Posted  Program  Category  Author  Document Title  Doc Number 
7/13/2018 FACET HEPEX Fryberger, David On Magneticons and some related matters SLAC-PUB-17273
7/17/2018 LCLS/SSRL ACCPHY/ACCSYS Huang, Xiaobiao Linear optics correction for linacs and free electron lasers SLAC-PUB-17269
7/19/2018 NA62/NA62 HEPEX NA62, Collaboration Precision Measurement of the Ratio of the Charged Kaon Leptonic Decay Rates SLAC-PUB-17096
7/24/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH Brodsky, Stanley J. The gluon and charm content of the deuteron SLAC-PUB-17253
7/24/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH Nielsen, Marina Supersymmetry in the Double-Heavy Hadronic Spectrum SLAC-PUB-17259
7/24/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH Deur, Alexandre The Spin Structure of the Nucleon SLAC-PUB-17279
7/24/2018 Particle Theory HEPEX , A Fixed-Target Programme at the LHC: 2 Physics Case and Projected Performances f... SLAC-PUB-17291
7/24/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH Sun, Zhan Exclusive production of $J/\psi \eta_c$ at the $B$ factories Belle and BaBar u... SLAC-PUB-17300
8/6/2018 BaBar HEPEX Lindemann, Dana M. B --> tau nu and B --> K(*) nu nubar at BaBar and SuperB SLAC-PUB-17095
8/6/2018 Advanced Accelerators/Advanced Accelerators ACCPHY Bane, Karl An Advanced NCRF Linac Concept for a High Energy e e- Linear Collider Point Desi... SLAC-PUB-17301
8/6/2018 Particle Theory GRQC Costa, Andre Interacting Dark Energy: Possible Explanation for 21-cm Absorption at Cosmic Daw... SLAC-PUB-17304
8/6/2018 HEDS INST Ofori-Okai, Benjamin A terahertz pump mega-electron-volt ultrafast electron diffraction probe apparat... SLAC-PUB-17307
8/6/2018 Particle Theory HEPTH Dixon, Lance Analytic calculation of Energy-Energy Correlation in e e- annihilation at NLO SLAC-PUB-17309
8/6/2018 ARD ACCPHY Li, Siqi Electron Ghost Imaging SLAC-PUB-17314
8/6/2018 LCLS/CA/CA ACCPHY Shi, Hongliang Multi-axis Nanopositioning System for the Hard X-ray Split-Delay System at the L... SLAC-PUB-17315
There are 16 publications.