Linac Coherent Light Source
May-September 2010 Schedule Posted

by Cathy Knotts
LCLS began user assisted commissioning with the AMO instrument in October 2009. User assisted commissioning continues during the Spring/Summer 2010 run with the addition of the SXR instrument. Commissioning the XPP instrument is anticipated to begin in June 2010. A detailed scheduled of activities for the Spring/Summer 2010 has been posted to the web.

In general, activities are scheduled to begin on Thursday, following machine development and repair days each Tuesday and Wednesday. User beam time is usually allocated in 60 hour blocks of alternating shifts (5 12-hour shifts each), with experiments starting at 9 am Thursday and ending at 9 am Tuesday. Beam hand over between experiments occurs at 9 am and 9 pm. Occassionally 24 hour shifts may be required.

LCLS machine parameters, frequently asked questions, and a snapshot of the LCLS Control Room Summary Display are available on line.

The next call is for proposed experiments to be carried out ~March–June 2011. During this period, the AMO, SXR, XPP and CXI instruments will be operational. We have demonstrated FEL operations over the energy range 540 eV to 10 keV, and we expect to be able to offer an energy down to 520 eV with the LCLS fundamental for the Spring 2011 run. Typically, the LCLS delivers about 2 mJ per pulse in the fundamental. Further, we will deliver photons up to 20 keV from a second harmonic afterburner but reduced by roughly an order of magnitude in photon number. The pulse length can be tuned from 70-300 fs. Additionally, shorter pulses (10-40 fs) with reduced pulse energy are also available. The maximum repetition rate of the X-ray flashes is expected to be 120 Hz.

Interested scientists are encouraged to learn more about the latest developments by contacting LCLS staff scientists as early as possible. Review instrument descriptions at We recommend that scientists plan experiments that can be accomplished in less than one week (approximately 60 hours of beam time). Proposals must be submitted before 4 pm on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 (PDT).

Proposals will be peer reviewed and ranked by the LCLS Proposal Review Panel. Facility feasibility and safety reviews will then be conducted and a detailed schedule will be distributed in October 2010.

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