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Policy on Installation of User-Supplied Endstations at LCLS

by LCLS Announcement
Policy on Installation of User-Supplied Endstations at LCLS

In the coming two years, LCLS is expecting to install and commission five complete new instruments: four hard X-ray (CXI, MEC, XCS, XPP) and one soft X-ray (SXR). The hard X-ray instruments are built to provide users with a complete instrument, including optics, diagnostics and an endstation which includes sample environments and detectors. The SXR instrument in contrast, is built without dedicated endstations which are expected to be provided by the users.

The hard X-ray endstations were designed under the principle that LCLS would provide a base set of equipment to which it would be possible for users to add components which may be required for their approved experiments. LCLS believes that the vast majority of experiments on LCLS can be accommodated by each of the instruments being built and assembled over the next two years.

The demands on LCLS resources in the coming two years are going to be extreme in order to turn on all five of the new instruments as scheduled. It will therefore not be possible for LCLS to support the integration of new user-supplied endstations in any of the hard X-ray hutches. New user-supplied endstations will only be supported on SXR if user proposals are approved by the LCLS Proposal Review Panel and they pass the LCLS Technical Feasibility Review. Endstations which have already been installed in AMO will continue to be supported on the AMO instrument.

LCLS still encourages the addition of small components to the existing LCLS instruments and will consider such additions proposed by users during the LCLS Technical Feasibility Review. However, removal of the existing LCLS endstations to be replaced by user-supplied endstations will not be considered by LCLS until all the new LCLS instruments are commissioned and resources become more available. It is expected that sufficient resources may be available around September 2012.

Therefore, no user-supplied endstations requiring the removal of existing LCLS endstations will be installed at LCLS in any of the hutches other than SXR for what is expected to be the next 3 calls for proposals, including the fourth call due on June 1, 2010. LCLS reserves the right to modify this policy based on the availability of resources and will update users on the possibility of integrating user-supplied endstations prior to future calls for proposals.

LCLS wishes to apologize for any inconvenience, real or perceived, this policy may cause to users. It is the belief of LCLS that this is a necessary course of action in order to deliver in a timely manner the high quality instruments promised to the user community.

LCLS strongly encourages prospective users to contact the LCLS staff scientists in charge of the instruments to discuss how the existing LCLS instrumentation can be used to allow their exciting new science to be performed.

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