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DOE Mandate Statement
Attachment 1 of DOE Order 241.1B:


DOE O 241.1B, SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT In the performance of Department of Energy (DOE) contracted obligations, each contractor is required to manage scientific and technical information (STI) produced under the contract as a direct and integral part of the work and ensure its broad availability to all customer segments by making STI available to DOE's central STI coordinating office, the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI).

Such STI products include STI funded by DOE, resulting from work performed at a DOE facility, or developed under Work for Others (unless specifically excluded in the agreement under which the work is done) or Cooperative Research and Development Agreements. STI produced at DOE scientific user
facilities, but not funded by DOE, may be made available to OSTI, consistent with user agreements. Submissions of such STI products are made at the discretion of the laboratory hosting the facility.

STI is used to satisfy DOE statutory dissemination requirements, promote scientific advancement, and ensure a fair return on DOE and taxpayer investment. The Scientific Publishing Services team is responsible for facilitating the following contractor requirements for SLAC.

  1. Appoint a single STI point of contact who will represent their organization in the Department's STI Program (STIP) and serve as the STI Releasing Official.
  2. Implement a site program to identify, prioritize, and make available to DOE OSTI those STI products that the originating site deems useful beyond its boundaries (e.g., STI products that are project deliverables and are intended for publication or dissemination), whether the STI is publicly releasable, controlled unclassified information, or classified, after those products have
    undergone appropriate institutional review in accordance with statutory, regulatory, Executive order, and/or Departmental requirements.
  3. Review STI generated under the contract to determine appropriate release and handling and apply any necessary statutory or program-driven announcement and/or availability restrictions, including those related to nonproliferation, national security, export control, intellectual property, protected Personally Identifiable Information and privacy. In addition, apply to the STI product any restrictive markings required, include any required legal disclaimers, and, for STI products resulting from DOE-funded work, identify the sponsor as follows: U.S. Department of Energy, [name of DOE program office], [name of DOE subprogram].
  4. Notify OSTI when making substantive changes to STI previously announced or when permanently removing STI from Web access, in order to ensure continued availability through OSTI.
  5. Apply the requirements of this Order to subcontracts at any tier to the extent necessary to ensure the contractors' compliance with the requirements.

NOTE: The guidelines for implementation are based on best business practices that are developed and revised in coordination with the DOE and contractor STI community.

For more information, email scipubs@slac.stanford.edu.