About SciDoc

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is SciDoc?
A. SciDoc is SLAC's Scientific & Technical Document Repository. Here authors can obtain a SLAC document number, upload, and manage their technical and scientific reports and papers.
Q. Should I register my document for a SLAC document number?
A. Yes; if the work was performed at SLAC, or collaboratively elsewhere using SLAC effort or resources, a SLAC document number is required. For more information contact scipubs@slac.stanford.edu.
Q. Who should pay for my paper's Publication Charges?
A. InfoMedia will process your Journal request form and may pay the publication charges for your registered SLAC document! Simply mail your completed form to Scientific Publishing Services MS #97.
Q. I can't get the auto numbering in my document to work the way I want. Can you help?
A. Absolutely! Just fill out the Format and Edit Request Form to request Technical Support and we will contact you directly.
Q. Do I need to have InfoMedia sign the Journal Copyright form for my SLAC document?
A. Yes. It only takes a minute for InfoMedia to apply SLAC's stamp of approval. Simply drop by Room 361B - Bldg. 50 or fax your forms to (650) 926-2750.
Q. How can I get help producing a CD for distribution?
A. Simply fill out the Print and Production Request Form and InfoMedia will contact you quickly.
Q. How can I order printed copies of a document?
A. Fill out the Print and Production Request Form and a member of InfoMedia will assist you.
Q. Can I have a new template designed?
A. You bet! Go to the Scientific Publishing Services Special Request Form to request a custom template and InfoMedia will contact you quickly.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Contact scipubs@slac.stanford.edu