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Author Guide (LDRD)

Any written work funded by LDRD funding is also a SLAC document. Get a number now!

What is an LDRD Document?

If a document fulfills the following criteria, then it is an LDRD document:

Author Types Definitions
SLAC Employee (professional staff, affiliate, postdoctoral researcher) Salary paid in part or in full by SLAC LDRD fundsor in any way receiving LDRD funding from SLAC while performing work.
SLAC User/Collaborator User or collaborator paid by another institution that uses SLAC resources in association with an LDRD funded project (including office space, computer equipment, personnel, etc.).
Student Writes papers or bases their thesis on LDRD-funded projects.

What is an LDRD Author's Responsibility?

If your work is funded by LDRD and you are listed as an author or co-author on a document representing work funded through LDRD, then you are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the primary subject matter of the document has been exclusively funded by LDRD.
      Work funded by other sources will introduce noncompliance with the LDRD rules against comingling of program funds and LDRD funds. For example, LDRD funds will not be use to fund projects that will require the addition of non-LDRD funds to accomplish the technical goals of the LDRD project, except as provided by legislation. Full funding requirements are available in the DOE Order 413.2B.

  • Completing the SLAC Document Registration process through SciDoc, SLAC's Scientific and Technical Document Repository system.
      This process consists of ensuring that the proper SLAC and LDRD acknowledgement appears on the paper, obtaining a SLAC document number, and submitting a PDF version of the preprinted version (not copyrighted by a journal or publishing house).

    DOE Funding Acknowledgement

    The following DOE funding acknowledgment statement must always appear on your LDRD document, either on the title page or in the acknowledgement section.

    "This work is supported by the Department of Energy, Laboratory Directed Research and Development funding, under contract DE-AC02-76SF00515."

    This affiliation should be made apart from and in addition to your other affiliations.

    Registration and Submission Information

     By registering and submitting LDRD-sponsored research through SciDoc, you help ensure that this research is viewable by the scientific community and reported to the appropriate funding agencies. To meet these lab-wide goals, the following information elements are required by LDRD authors.

  • Program Affiliation: This selection depends on your department affiliation such as LCLS, SSRL, SIMES, KIPAC etc.
  • Funding Source: Choose "LDRD" and any other sponsors who provided funding support for your paper.
  • Proposal Number: Enter the LDRD Proposal Number assigned to your project at the time of acceptance. You can also find this number on the LDRD Accepted Proposals page.
  • Principal Investigator/Scientific Lead: Enter the name and email address of the Scientific Lead(s). 
  • Publication Information:   It is important to list the complete name of the journal or conference to which you submit your paper. 
  • Document Abstract:  Upon submission of your document,  provide a brief overview (or abstract) of the publication.  These documents are publiclyy accessible online, therefore no proprietary, sensitive, or competitively disadvantageous (to the Laboratory or lead scientist) information should be included.
  • Contact Information

    For questions about your paper, contact the LDRD Program Manager Steve Williams for assistance. and for questions about SciDoc, contact Scientific Publishing Services.