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Author's Guide for SIMES Publications

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SIMES Documents

If a document fulfills the following criteria, then it is a SIMES document:

  • The author is a member, affiliate, student, professional staff, post-doctoral researcher, or otherwise an employee of SIMES


  • The author claims an affiliation with SIMES, either in the address, acknowledgements, footnotes, or elsewhere on the paper; this affiliation can be stated in the form of:
    • On behalf of SIMES
    • For SIMES
    • Representing SIMES

For non-SLAC employee members or affiliates of SIMES that do not claim an affiliation to SIMES on the paper, then the document is not a SIMES document.

SIMES Affiliation

SIMES work supported by DOE must be clearly delineated from that supported by other agencies. If the work is supported by SIMES, please use the address below.

Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences (SIMES)
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
2575 Sand Hill Road,
Menlo Park, CA 94025

This affiliation should be made apart from and in addition to your other affiliations.

DOE Funding Acknowledgement

This DOE funding acknowledgement statement must always appear on your SIMES paper, either on the title page or in the acknowledgement section.

"This work is supported [in part] by the Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering, under contract DE-AC02-76SF00515."
Specific SIMES information you will need to register your document

To register and submit your document, please go to SciDoc.

- Affiliation/Scientific Program: SIMES

- Funding Source: Choose all sponsors, who along with the DOE, funded your documents research.

- Attribution: Use this field to record the attributions included in your document (cut/paste). This is important if you have multiple funding sources that may have contributed different levels of effort, resources or equipment used in your research and acknowledged in your document.

- FWP: (type just the Roman numeral, I or II or III, etc)
  • I - Electronic and Magnetic Structure of Quantum Materials - Shen (lead PI)
  • II - Correlated Materials Synthesis and Physical Properties Fisher (lead PI)
  • III - Spin Physics - Zhang (lead PI)
  • IV - Interfaces and Catalysis for Energy Conversion and Storage Nilsson (lead PI)
  • V - Clathrin Biotemplating Heilshorn (lead PI)
  • VI Time Dynamics of Oxides and Related Materials Devereaux (lead PI)
  • VII - Diamondoid Science and Applications (SISGR) Melosh (lead PI)
  • VIII - Modern ARPES Beamline for the Study of Complex Phenomena in Solids Lu (lead PI)
  • IX - Materials Synthesis (Complex Oxides) - Hwang (lead PI)
  • X - Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics - Durr (lead PI)
- Alternative Contact Name: Authors who are self-registering their documents will automatically become the main contact. We suggest that in addition to yourself, you list SIMES Administration, email: SIMES@slac.stanford.edu as an alternative contact.

- Principal Investigator: This information will allow SIMES to understand collaborative interactions among our FWPs and scientists. Please use list below. Up to 5 names may be included.

Electronic and Magnetic
Structure of Quantum Materials

Zhi Xun Shen

Yulin Chen
Tom Devereaux
Correlated Materials
Synthesis and Physical Properties

Ian Fisher

Malcolm Beasley
Aharon Kapitulnik
Steven Kivelson
Kathryn Moler
Spin Physics

Shoucheng Zhang

David Goldhaber-Gordon
Hari Manoharan
Joseph Orenstein
Interfaces and Catalysis
for Energy Conversion
and Storage

Anders Nilsson

Wendy Mao
Michael Toney
Clathrin Biotemplating

Sarah Heilshorn

Sebastian Doniach
Nicholas Melosh
Andrew Spakowitz
Time Dynamics of Oxides
and Related Materials

Thomas Devereaux

Zahid Hussain
Aaron Lindenberg
Wei-Sheng Lee
Wendy Mao
David Reis
Diamondoid Science
and Applications

Nicholas Melosh

Thomas Devereaux
Hari Manoharan
Piero Pianetta
Zhi-Xun Shen
ARPES Beamline

Donghui Lu

Zhi-Xun Shen
Materials Synthesis
(Complex Oxides)

Harold Hwang

Christopher Bell
Yasuyuki Hikita
Joachim Stohr
Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics

Hermann Durr

Kathryn Moler
Andreas Scherz
Joachim Stohr

- Processing Page and Reprint Charges: Authors requesting use of SIMES DOE funds to pay for page charges or other publication fees, must first register and submit their documents to SciDoc.

Questions about SIMES page charges: contact Chris MacIntosh.

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