About SciDoc


If you're having a problem that isn't covered below, please contact us for assistance at scipubs@slac.stanford.edu.

Error occurs when submitting requests
SciDoc exists on two servers that are within SLAC's internal network. If you are connected to SciDoc from an outside network, but are not using Citrix to get full access to SLAC's servers, SciDoc's online forms and upload tools cannot transmit your requests.

To fully use SciDoc and its features, you must have a SLAC Windows account and must connect through an on-site Ethernet connection or via a Citrix connection when off-site. Please visit SCCS to obtain a SLAC Citrix account.

Contact information is incorrect
SciDoc automatically detects your identity based on your Windows login. If SciDoc shows you as logged in as someone else, it is most likely because you are using someone else's computer. Log out of Windows, and log back in using your own login information.

If SciDoc is correctly identifying you, but your information is incorrect, it is because your entry in the SLAC Phone Directory needs to be updated. To update your listing in the SLAC Phone Directory, contact your ATOM.

Documents don't appear in My Documents
Check to make sure you are logged in. If the blue bar at the top of the My Documents page contains someone else's name, then log out of Windows, and log back into Windows using your own login information.

An external author needs to register a document with SLAC
Sometimes a document is authored outside of SLAC, but needs a SLAC document number because SLAC resources were used in the research. If the author does not have a SLAC Windows account ID and Citrix access, contact Scientific Publishing Services for assistance.