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Page Charges

Some journals request a publication or page charge fee to help offset the costs of disseminating your research results. These costs can range from $20 to $250 per page and should be charged to the department(s) from which the work originated.

If you need to pay for for publication fees associated with a SLAC Scientific and Technical Information (STI) document that has been accepted for publication, use the following guidelines to help you with the payment process at SLAC.

Submitting Payment Documentation
  1. Ensure a preprinted version is registered and uploaded to SciDoc.
  2. Reference the SciDoc document number on your payment documentation.
  3. Use the appropriate department account number and GL code on the documentation.
    • 55113 - Page Charge/Publication Fee(s)
    • 55101 - Reprint Charges
  4. Select the appropriate payment method.
    • Department P-Card < $3,000.00
    • SLAC Requisition > $3,000.00
Assigning GL Codes for Publishing Fee Types

Page Charge/Reprint request forms can charge for a variety of items associated with STI publications. The table below outlines some of the more common items associated with publication and reprint fees, along with their applicable SLAC GL codes.

Fee Type Items GL Code

  • Page Charge
  • Online Materials
  • Non-electronic Submission
  • Overlength Paper


  • Printed Copies
  • Color Printing
  • CD Reprints

Processing Payments Where Fees are Shared by Multiple Institutions

In cases where co-authors from multiple institutions agree to split the publication fees, include a billing contact and the percentage to be paid for each institution where indicated on the page charge form and provide a copy to the journal and to the co-authors when submitting SLAC's payment documentation. The remaining institutions are then responsible for working with the journal to pay their portion.

If you have any questions, please contact scipubs@slac.stanford.edu.