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BABAR Physics

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BABAR physics results span a broad range of topics, including B, charm, and tau physics; CP violation; precision CKM measurements; charmonium and bottomonium states; hadron production; and searches for physics beyond the standard model.

This page provides access to various sources of information about BABAR physics:

For Non-Physicists

Scientific Publications

  • See the Publications page for all BABAR journals, conference proceedings, most conference talks, and some of the graduate theses.
  • The BABAR Physics Book is an overview of the physics we expected to study at BABAR before the experiment started. The book was written while the experiment was being constructed, in the late 1990's.
  • The Physics of the B Factories Book provides a 2012 snapshop of the physics results from BABAR and its sister experiment Belle after over a decade of research and hundreds of published articles.
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