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Employment Opportunities
Updated: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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The following is a list of employment opportunities within the High Energy Physics Community. The list is divided into three categories: BABAR Postdoctoral and Research Staff Positions, Faculty Positions in HEP, and Postdoctoral and Research Positions in Other Experiments.

Entries are coded to reflect the type of opportunity, and associated institution:

  • FAC = Faculty; PHY = Staff Physicist
  • RA = Research Associate (post-doc)
  • ENG = Engineer
  • GS = Graduate Student (Research Assistant or Fellowship)

  • PROG = Programmer
  • RES = Researcher
  • LEC = Lectureship

For example, RA.SLAC = Research Associate Position at SLAC. Please submit new entries or corrections to Nitssia Harrison (nitssia@slac.stanford.edu).

BABAR Postdoctoral and Research Staff Positions

BABAR Positions:



Faculty Positions in HEP

Other Physics Positions


Postdoctoral and Research Staff Positions in Other Experiments



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