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07/19/2017 SLAC-R-1078 2016 FACET-II Science Workshop Summary Report Hogan, Mark
06/06/2018 SLAC-R-1087 2017 FACET-II Science Workshop Summary Report Hogan, Mark
09/30/2013 SLAC-PUB-15426 A Beam Driven Plasma-Wakefield Linear Collider: From Higgs Factory to ... Adli, E arXiv:1308.1145 Community Summer Study 2013 (CSS2013)
08/09/2016 SLAC-PUB-16683 A High Transformer Ratio Plasma Wakefield Accelerator Scheme for FACET Conf.Proc.C110328:265-267,2011 PAC11
09/17/2015 SLAC-TN-15-058 Abstract for a General Audience on the Dielectric Laser Acceleration G... Lukaczyk, Louis
07/08/2015 SLAC-PUB-16310 Adaptive Method for Electron Bunch Profile Prediction at FACET Scheinker, Alex Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators...
07/05/2012 SLAC-TN-12-005 Analysis on linac quadrupole misalignment in FACET commissioning 2012 Sun, Yipeng
08/19/2011 SLAC-PUB-14412 Beam Diagnostics for FACET Li, Selina 2011 Particle Accelerator Conference
03/14/2014 SLAC-PUB-15919 Beam Loading by Distributed Injection of Electrons in a Plasma Wakefie... Vafaei-Najafabadi, Navid Physical Review Letters
08/09/2017 SLAC-PUB-16956 Channeling and radiation experiments at SLAC Wienands, Ulrich Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods (NIM) Channeling 2016
10/27/2015 SLAC-PUB-16412 Cherenkov Light-based Beam Profiling for Ultrarelativistic Electron Be... Adli, Erik Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods (NIM) A
03/06/2017 SLAC-PUB-16815 Demonstration of a positron beam-driven hollow channel plasma wakefiel... Gessner, Spencer Nature Communications
08/24/2015 SLAC-WP-117 Detecting Partial Energy Modulation in a Dielectric Laser Accelerator ... Lukaczyk, Louis
10/07/2015 SLAC-PUB-16410 Diagnostics Challenges for FACET-II Clarke, Christine IBIC2015
06/06/2018 SLAC-TN-18-001 Diffraction and Detector Considerations for High Resolution Imaging O'Shea, Brendan
12/14/2021 SLAC-PUB-17640 Dissipation of electron-beam-driven plasma wakes Nature
10/08/2012 SLAC-PUB-15257 Dosimetric Quantities and Neutron Spectra Outside the Shielding of Ele... Rokni, Sayed H Nuclear Science and Techology 12th International Conference on Radiation Sh...
01/07/2020 SLAC-PUB-17499 Efficient High-Energy Photon Production in the Supercritical QED Regim... Tamburini, Matteo Physical Review Letters
12/13/2011 SLAC-PUB-14610 Electron Bunch Profile Diagnostics in the Few fs Regime Using Coherent... Bartolini, Riccardo 2nd International Particle Accelerator Confer...
06/20/2012 SLAC-Reprint-2012-104 Electron Bunch Profile Reconstruction in the Few fs Regime using Coher... Bartolini, R. Journal of Instrumentation
08/19/2011 SLAC-PUB-14419 Evaluation of Temporal Diagnostic Techniques for Two-Bunch FACET Beam Litos, Michael Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC 11)
02/26/2013 SLAC-PUB-15367 Excitation of Wakefields in a Relativistically hot Plasma Created by d... Sahai, Aakash Advanced Accelerator Concepts
08/09/2016 SLAC-PUB-16682 Fabrication And Measurement of Dual Layer Silica Grating Structures fo... Peralta, E. A. Conf.Proc.C110328:280-282,2011 PAC11
07/24/2016 SLAC-PUB-16680 Fabrication And Measurements of a Silicon Woodpile Accelerator Structu... Conf.Proc.C110328:343-345,2011 PAC11
11/21/2012 SLAC-PUB-15241 FACET First Beam Commissioning Clarke, C. I 3rd International Particle Accelerator Confer...
05/16/2012 SLAC-PUB-15025 FACET: SLACs New User Facility Clarke, Christine 3rd International Particle Accelerator Confer...
12/13/2011 SLAC-PUB-14563 FACET: The New User Facility at SLAC Clarke, C 2nd International Particle Accelerator Confer...
07/13/2012 SLAC-PUB-15034 FACET Tolerances for Static and Dynamic Misalignments Federico, Joel International Particle Accelerator Conference...
03/29/2016 SLAC-R-1063 FACET-II Science Opportunities Workshops Summary Report Hogan, Mark
08/22/2011 SLAC-PUB-13872 Facility for Advanced Accelerator Experimental Tests (FACET) at SLAC a... Mao, Stan Journal Nuclear Technology RPSD, IRD, BMD 2010 Joint Topical Meeting
12/13/2011 SLAC-PUB-14609 First Beam to FACET Erickson, Roger 2nd International Particle Accelerator Confer...
10/16/2013 SLAC-PUB-15802 First Results From the Electron Hose Instability Studies in FACET Muggli, P Conf.Proc.C1205201:43-45,2012 3rd International Particle Accelerator Confer...
04/04/2016 SLAC-R-1064 FY2015 LDRD Annual Report Hartney, Mark
08/06/2015 SLAC-PUB-16356 Geometric Representation of Fundamental Particles' Inertial Mass Spencer, James Journal of Physics
08/08/2012 SLAC-PUB-15212 Head Erosion with Emittance Growth in PWFA Li, Selina The 15th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Worksh...
06/06/2018 SLAC-PUB-17104 High gradient tests of metallic mm-wave accelerating structures Dal Forno, Massimo Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods (NIM) A
06/06/2018 SLAC-PUB-17104 High gradient tests of metallic mm-wave accelerating structures Dal Forno, Massimo Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods (NIM) A
04/25/2013 SLAC-Reprint-2013-032 High Transformer Ratio Drive Beams for Wakefield Accelerator Studies England, R. J. AIP Conf.Proc.1507:553-558,2012
03/06/2017 SLAC-PUB-16819 High-field plasma acceleration in a high-ionization-potential gas Corde, Sebastien Nature Communications
07/19/2016 SLAC-PUB-16671 Improved Energy Changes at the Linac Coherent Light Source Lipkowitz, N. PAC11
04/17/2013 SLAC-PUB-15369 Intense Terahertz Pulses from SLAC Electron Beams using Coherent Trans... Fisher, Alan Rev. Sci. Instrum. 84, 022701 (2013): http://...
07/03/2012 SLAC-PUB-15136 Intensity Effects of the FACET Beam in the SLAC Linac Decker, Franz-Josef 3rd International Particle Accelerator Confer...
07/25/2014 SLAC-PUB-15904 Laser Ionized Preformed Plasma at FACET Li, Selina Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion LASER AND PLASMA ACCELERATOR WORKSHOP
12/01/2014 SLAC-PUB-15749 Latest Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Results from the FACET Project Litos, Michael NAPAC 2013
03/13/2017 SLAC-PUB-16933 Limitation on the accelerating gradient of a wakefield excited by an u... Vafaei-Najafabadi, Navid Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators...
11/21/2012 SLAC-PUB-15240 Longitudinal Beam Tuning at FACET Lipkowitz, N 3rd International Particle Accelerator Confer...
10/02/2013 SLAC-PUB-15744 Longitudinal Profile Monitor using Smith-Purcell-Radiation: Recent Res... Delerue, N IBIC 2013
03/06/2017 SLAC-PUB-16879 Longitudinal Stability Study for the FACET-II e+ Damping Ring Bane, Karl
02/22/2021 SLAC-PUB-17590 Low-divergence femtosecond X-ray pulses from a passive plasma lens Ekerfelt, Henrik Nature Physics
09/24/2018 SLAC-PUB-17328 Machine learning-based longitudinal phase space prediction of particle... Emma, Claudio Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators...
01/15/2019 SLAC-PUB-17328 Machine learning-based longitudinal phase space prediction of particle... Emma, Claudio Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators...
06/28/2016 SLAC-PUB-16646 Measurement of Femtosecond LCLS Bunches Using the SLAC A-Line Spectrom... Behrens, C Conf.Proc.C110328:2459-2461,2011 PAC11
09/26/2018 SLAC-PUB-17333 Measurements of electron beam deflection and rf breakdown rate from a ... Physical Review
09/05/2013 SLAC-PUB-15729 Melting Thin Foils by Incident Relativistic Electron Bunch Stupakov, Gennady
08/26/2015 SLAC-PUB-16246 Multi-gigaelectronvolt, low-energy spread acceleration of positrons in... Corde, Sebastien Nature
08/09/2016 SLAC-PUB-16690 Normal Conducting Radio Frequency X-Band Deflecting Cavity Fabrication... Conf.Proc.C110328:2211-2213,2011 PAC11
05/15/2014 SLAC-PUB-15952 Observation of a Remarkable Deflection of Multi-GeV Electron Beams b... Wienands, Ulrich Physical Review Letters
03/06/2017 SLAC-PUB-16864 Observation of acceleration and deceleration in frontier gradient diel... O'Shea, Brendan Nature Communications
07/13/2018 SLAC-PUB-17273 On Magneticons and some related matters Fryberger, David arXiv
06/02/2011 SLAC-PUB-14467 Optics Tuning Knobs for Facet Nosochkov, Yuri 2011 Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC11)
05/15/2013 SLAC-PUB-15464 Optimization of FACET Optics Wang, Min-Huey IPAC13
08/19/2011 SLAC-PUB-14421 Plasma Wakefield Experiments at FACET Hogan, Mark 2011 Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC'11)
09/14/2012 SLAC-PUB-15233 Plasmas, Dielectrics and the Ultrafast: First Science and Operational ... Clarke, Christine Linac12
02/26/2013 SLAC-PUB-15368 Positron PWFA Simulations for FACET Gessner, Spencer IPAC
08/16/2012 SLAC-TN-12-006 Preliminary Analysis on Linac Oscillation Data LI05-19 and Wake Field ... Sun, Yipeng
04/22/2016 SLAC-R-1067 Preliminary Conceptual Design Report for the FACET-II Project at SLAC ... Hogan, Mark
08/09/2016 SLAC-PUB-16684 Preliminary Simulations of Plasma Wakefield Accelerator Experiments at... Weiming, An Conf.Proc.C110328:136-138,2011 PAC11
12/13/2011 SLAC-PUB-14560 Results from Plasma Wakefield Experiments at FACET Li, Selina International Particle Accelerator Conference
03/06/2017 SLAC-PUB-16884 rf breakdown measurements in electron beam driven 200 GHz copper and c... Dal Forno, Massimo Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 19, 111301, Published...
08/28/2012 SLAC-PUB-15229 S-Band Loads for SLAC Linac Krasnykh, Anatoly XXVI Linear Accelerator Conferece (LINAC12)
03/06/2017 SLAC-PUB-16820 Self-mapping the longitudinal field structure of a nonlinear plasma ac... Clayton, Chris Nature Communications
10/07/2013 SLAC-PUB-15723 Single Shot Longitudinal Profile Monitors using Coherent Smith-Purcell... Delerue, Nicolas Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods (NIM) A 1st European Advanced Accelerator Concepts Wo...
04/17/2013 SLAC-TN-13-001 Start-2-End Simulation in FACET Linac Sun, Yipeng
12/13/2011 SLAC-PUB-14618 Status of Plasma Electron Hose Instability Studies in FACET Adli, Erik 2nd International Particle Accelerator Confer...
10/10/2013 SLAC-PUB-15771 Suppression of the Transformer Ratio Due to Distributed Injection of E... Vafaei-Najafabadi, Navid 2013 North American Particle Accelerator Conf...
01/19/2017 SLAC-R-1072 Technical Design Report for the FACET-II Project at SLAC National Acce...
11/08/2011 SLAC-PUB-14530 Terahertz Light Source and User Area at FACET Wu, Ziran 2011 Particle Accelerator Conference
11/08/2011 SLAC-PUB-14532 Terahertz Light Source and User Facility at FACET Wu, Ziran 15th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop
06/01/2012 SLAC-PUB-15043 The Feasibility of Near-field ODR Beam-size Monitoring at 23 GeV at FA... Lumpkin, A 2011 Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC11)
08/08/2017 SLAC-R-1079 Theory and measurements of emittance preservation in plasma wakefield ... Frederico, Joel
11/01/2019 SLAC-PUB-17450 Transverse forces in planar symmetric dielectric laser-driven accelera... England, R. Joel
09/24/2014 SLAC-PUB-16005 Transverse self-modulation of ultra-relativistic lepton beams in the p... Vieira, Jorge arXiv:1206.0792, Phys. Plasmas 19, 063105, 20...
07/07/2016 SLAC-PUB-16643 Tuning of the LCLS Linac for User Operation Loos, H Conf.Proc.C110328:2462-2464,2011 PAC11
09/17/2015 SLAC-TN-15-059 Variable Reclustering for Multiple Top Quark Events - Peer Review Lukaczyk, Louis
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