10th Geant4 Space Users Workshop 10th Geant4 Space Users Workshop

Social events

NASA/MSFC and Rocket Center Tour

NASA/MSFC and Rocket Center tour is offered to all workshop participants and their accompanies in the afternoon of May 28th (Wednesday). Because of the security measure of NASA/MSFC, all tour participants to NASA/MSFC must be registered by no later than April 14th for non-US citizen and no later than April 28th for US citizen. Local organizers will contact individually to the tour participants by April 14th/28th for additional information required for the NASA/MSFC security clearance.

For NASA/MSFC tour, a passport is required for non-US citizen and a government-issued photo-ID is required for US citizen. Cameras are allowed on the tour and photographs may be taken at any area visited. Please be informed that the NASA/MSFC tour is so-called window-shield tour, i.e. you are not supposed to get out from the tour bus.

The tour participants who miss the April 14th/28th deadline and thus not participating to the NASA/MSFC tour may still join the Rocket Center tour, and should take the same tour bus. The tour bus drops off such participants at the Rocket Center on its way to NASA/MSFC, and reunites at the Rocket Center.

Bus departs the workshop site at 13:00 sharp. All the tour attendees must take the bus.

Workshop Banquet

Following the Rocket Center tour, a workshop banquet is held in the evening of May 28th (Wednesday) at Jack Daniel's Distillery. All banquet participants must take the tour bus to/from the distillery. No exception. After the banquet, the bus returns to Jackson Center, with a few drop-off stops at nearby hotels.

Due to the regulations of Jack Daniel's, all banquet participants must be 21 year-old or older. No underage person is permitted on the bus to/from Jack Daniel's.

Luncheon Seminar

Luncheon seminar sponsored by CFDRC is held on May 29th (Thursday). The guest speaker is a retired NASA astronaut Dr. Jan Davis, who is currently Vice President and Deputy General Manager at Jacobs. All workshop participants are invited.