Contributed Papers Submitted to the Snowmass 2013 Study

Intensity Frontier
Lesko SNOW13-00001   arxiv: 1304.0402 (PDF)

Paper Title: Why the US Needs a Deep Domestic Research Facility: Owning rather than Renting the Education Benefits, Technology Advances, and Scientific Leadership of Underground Physics
Authors: Lesko, Kevin
Institution: LBNL
Author List:

Frontier Capabilities - Lepton Colliders
Brau SNOW13-00002   arxiv: 1304.2586 (PDF)

Paper Title: The International Linear Collider
Authors: Brau, Jim
Institution: University of Oregon
Author List: Jim Brau, Paul Grannis, Mike Harrison, Michael Peskin, Marc Ross, Harry Weerts

Cosmic Frontier - WIMP Indirect Dectection
Smith SNOW13-00005   arxiv: 1304.6367 (PDF)

Paper Title: CF2 White Paper: Status and Prospects of The VERITAS Indirect Dark Matter Detection Program
Authors: Smith, Andrew
Institution: University of Utah
Author List: A.W.Smith, R.Bird, J.Buckley, K.Byrum, J.Finley, N.Galante, A.Garinger-Sameth, D.Hanna, J.Holder, D.Kieda, S.Koushiappas, R.A.Ong, D.Staszak, B.Zitzer

Energy Frontier - Higgs Boson
Ma SNOW13-00006   arxiv: 1212.4893 (PDF)

Paper Title: Unified Field Theory and Principle of Representation Invariance
Authors: Ma, Tian
Institution: Indiana University
Author List: Tian Ma, Shouhong Wang

Cosmic Frontier - Cosmic Probes of Physics
Holder SNOW13-00007   arxiv: 1304.6764 (PDF)

Paper Title: VERITAS contributions to CF6-A: Cosmic Rays, Gamma Rays and Neutrinos
Authors: Holder, Jamie
Institution: University of Delaware
Author List: The VERITAS Collaboration