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    • ASTRO:  Astrophysics
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    • COMP:  Computing
    • EARTH:  Earth sciences
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    • GRQC:  Gravitation and cosmology
    • HEPEX:  HEP experimental results
    • HEPPH:  HEP phenomenology
    • HEPTH:  HEP theory
    • INST:  Instrumentation/development
    • MATH:  Math and math physics
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    • SYNCHRAD:  Synchrotron radiation
    • XFEL:  X-ray free electron laser
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There are 7 publications.
Date Posted  Program  Category  Author  Document Title  Doc Number 
9/18/2018 Particle Theory HEPPH Godbole, Rohini Why the angular distribution of the top decay lepton is unchanged by anomalous t... SLAC-PUB-17255
9/5/2018 Particle Theory ASTRO/HEPPH Li, Shirley DUNE as the Next-Generation Solar Neutrino Experiment SLAC-PUB-17199
9/5/2018 ARD/NLCTA ACCPHY/MATSCI/OPTI... Cesar, David High-field nonlinear optical response and phase control in a dielectric laser ac... SLAC-PUB-17290
9/5/2018 ARD/NLCTA ACCPHY/MATSCI/OPTI... Simakov, Evgenya Possibilities for Fabricating Polymer Dielectric Laser Accelerator Structures wi... SLAC-PUB-17294
9/5/2018 HEDS INST Ofori-Okai, Benjamin Toward quasi-DC conductivity of warm dense matter measured by single-shot terahe... SLAC-PUB-17320
9/5/2018 HEDS INST Ofori-Okai, Benjamin A terahertz pump mega-electron-volt ultrafast electron diffraction probe apparat... SLAC-PUB-17307
9/5/2018 LCLS/MEC/MEC OPTICS/SAFETY/OTHE... Liang, Taiee Radiation Protection around High-Intensity Laser Interactions with Solid Targets SLAC-PUB-17324
There are 7 publications.