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Author Guide (LCLS)

If it is an LCLS document, then it is also a SLAC document. This is because the LCLS project is based at SLAC. As such, LCLS management agrees that LCLS documents will be processed as any other SLAC document. Get a number now!

LCLS Documents

If all or part of a document (publication) is based on work funded by the LCLS project, then it is an LCLS document. The majority of LCLS documents are expected to be written by authors from SLAC, ANL, LLNL, and UCLA.

The authors must claim an affiliation with LCLS by including the sentence "This work was performed in support of the LCLS project at SLAC" in an affiliation footnote on the first page to aid in classification of this publication as an LCLS document.

SLAC Documents

As a SLAC document, every LCLS document will go through the SLAC document registration process, which starts with the request of a document number by the principal author as soon as the document is ready for publication.

Remember: If an author or co-author of a scientific or technical document is a SLAC employee, then the document is already a SLAC document and must have a SLAC document number assigned to it. Get a number now!


As a rare exception, for non-SLAC employee members or affiliates of LCLS that reference a SLAC employee's contribution in the author list or in the acknowledgements, but strongly believe that the document does not represent work done at SLAC or using SLAC resources, a SLAC document number may not be required. Exceptions should be routed through Heinz Dieter-Nuhn.