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Protecting Publishing Rights

To help SLAC meet its contractual obligations to DOE, while ensuring both SLAC and its authors retain their publishing rights, you need to complete the following steps prior to submitting your document or copyright forms to a non-SLAC publishing agency.

  1. Register, upload, and release your paper using SciDoc.
  2. Complete your copyright agreement form using the following guidelines:
    • Sign as a U.S. Government Contractor
    • .
    • Ensure the copyright verbiage stated on the form covers SLAC's copyright stipulation verbiage below.
  3. If questions, contact scipubs@slac.stanford.edu for assistance.

Note: If needed, Scientific Publishing Services will delay the public release of any proprietary SLAC documents until after journal publication date.

SLAC's Copyright Stipuation

This following amendment to most journals' standard copyright agreement protects the author's right to post electronic copies of their papers on preprint servers or electronic archives.

"The Publisher, by accepting this article for publication, acknowledges the U.S. Government's right to retain a nonexclusive, royalty-free license in and to any copyright covering [this article or material in this work]."

Still have questions? Contact scipubs@slac.stanford.edu for assistance.